30 Stylish Floating Bed Design Ideas That Will Enhance Your Dream Home

Floating Bed Offering a Sophisticated Look to a Black and White Bedroom Design

Floating bed designs are rather special, they evoke a feeling of superiority, they seem to flow above the floor emphasizing the feel of space allowing air to pass through the room easier. In contemporary interior design and architecture, modern homes and interiors are being designed […]

“Born 2B Burn” Charred Wood Furiture by Yaroslav Galant

August 12, 2014 by Design, Furniture No Comments

Wood has always been a primary choice when it comes to furniture and its elegance is highly acknowledged. Carved wood has its beauty but why not take it a little bit further? Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant has discovered a method of burning wood and thus obtaining […]

Wall-Hung Sanitary Fixtures For Small-Space-Conscious Bathroom Designs

impeccable Wall-Hung-Sanitary-Fixtures-For-Small-Space-Conscious-Bathroom-Designs

In our homes there are two spaces that have the tendency to get crowded and that are sadly already undersized: the kitchen and the bathroom. Small-space-conscious bathrooms and kitchens require smart space-saving solutions that would be able to combine aesthetic values with ergonomics in a beautiful […]

Space-Saving Hideaway Desks for Small Apartment Designs

Highly Graphic Large Folding Down Table
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In this world there are thousands of different homes and happily they`re all different. I live in a tiny home, a small apartment in the capital of a certain country and I feel that my home is far cozier and warmer then various other big ones. […]